I like jokes. Not only do jokes make me laugh, but they can also make people laugh at me. The world needs more comedy, especially now. But since I’m afraid of people, instead of trying my best jokes in a club, I’m trying my worst jokes safety from home. So sit back, chillax, and enjoy the show!

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Episode I

I like jokes about cloud storage, real estate, diamond rings, patriotic food, electric cars, life tips, and more!

Episode II

I like jokes about personal hygiene, candy, existential thoughts, helium, wine, gnomes, and more!

Episode III

I like jokes about apples, illusions, Venetians, kimchi, crockery, card tricks, music, and more!

Episode IV

I like jokes about sitcoms, being cool, rap, skating, broccoli, and more!

Episode V

I like jokes about poetry, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, the ocean, sadness, love, and more!

Episode VI

I like jokes about roommates, money, snakes, inflation, the alphabet, darkness, toilets, and more!

Episode VII

I like jokes about spring, dirt, worms, seeds, plants, urine, gomes and more!

Episode VIII

I like jokes about parties, planning, party planning, and more!