Olivari Little Things With Long Domains

As a little part of Olivari Olive Oil’s “One Year of Little” campaign, we created looping cinemagraphs that captured a single moment. Each little moment got its own super long domain that pushed the character limits of domain registration.

Click the URLs below to view browser window filling examples. The original sites had sound, but browsers don't support autoplaying sounds anymore. To get back to this page, click the Olivari logo in the lower left corner.

WakingUpToStripsOfBaconSizzlingOnTheGriddleForBreakfast.com »
WakingUpToTheSoundOfBoatsGentlyRockingInTheHarbor.com »
TheSmellOfAFreshlyBakedLoafOfSourdoughBreadFromTheOven.com »
PoppingAFreshSheetOfBubbleWrap.com »
CatchingAShootingStarWhileOutCampingWithFriends.com »
SittingOnThePorchListeningToTheCalmingSoundOfWindChimes.com »
TheSweetSmellOfMorningDewOnTheLawn.com »
TheExcitementOfSometimesHavingToWait.com »
RainSlowlyMovingDownTheWindowPaneWhileTheCityShimmersInTheDistance.com »
StayingUpALittleLongerToReadOneMoreChapterInAGoodBook.com »
TheMagicOfASprinklerOnAHotSummerAfternoon.com »
HearingThoseWordsWhisperedFromTheOnePersonWhoMakesYouFeelSoGood.com »

Client: Olivari Olive Oil Director: Autofuss Format: Silly Websites